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Carnation Corn Pads Round

Product Code : 1359_OTC

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Carnation Corn Pads Round - Proven approach to pressure relief on painful corns.High quality chiropody felt spreads pressure and absorbs impact, Hypoallergenic adhesive, Round for corns on the side of toes

Carnation Corn Pads Round - Proven approach to pressure relief on painful corns. A round design makes them perfect for corns on the sides of toes. Corns are the most common of all foot problems and come in various forms. The most common are hard corns and soft corns. Hard Corn - Occurs due to concentrated pressure on the site. Raised, shiny dome of whitish or pale yellow thickened skin. Hard cone-shaped centre (nucleus). Found mostly on top of toe joints, has no root. Causes pain when the nucleus presses on the nerve.
Soft Corn – Occurs due to damp areas in between toes and skin rubbing together
Pale, softer version of the hard corn. Feels like a very small stone between the toes.
Treatment for Soft and Hard Corns - Carnation Hydro Corn Care available in packs of 10 - gentle and effective way to remove corns without salicylic acid.
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